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Christmas in July 2014

Christmas and SKAL cropped
Fellow SKALeagues of Sydney South and Friends,
The August meeting came early as did Christmas and so we combined both to be our inaugural ’Christmas in July’.
I would normally list the attendees here but instead of the usually 5 to 7 we had 31. The list is at the bottom of this story as is the menu.
Fortunately none of our members are Agoraphobia as I feared they may have been from all the years of small attendances at meetings.
What a board cross section of the industry with Brenda having motivated the ‘Ladies of WATL’ to join us at our event.
First I would like to thank our president Marios Toras for braving the wrath of his family by taking time away for the wedding to meet our guests and open our meeting.
My prayers were with you that you got to the church on time and your efforts were truly appreciated.
The organisers did a great job with Brenda coordinating and has now been made the club social organiser, Ernst for ensuring we had the funds and did not end up in the kitchen washing up to pay for the food and wine. I just kept the registrations on track.
To all who attended, thank you for coming and something I had not seen for years with an event involving the Travel Industry, no No shows!
Tony Karanfilovski tried to be the no show by getting a flat tyre on the way. It’s what happens when you have rubber plantations on your wheels instead of tyres.
Special mention to Diane Butler, President Sydney SKAL for attending even though she was not in the best of health. It was a great pleasure to have you with us on the night.
How could anyone forget the Past National President, Russell Butler who missed watching his favourite Rugby Team play and a catch up with an old and dear friend of his who was in town.
You, our friend are one of our favourite visitors and we always enjoy your company.
We now have 2 new members thanks to the persuasive powers of the ace Travel Insurance Salesman and member Stuart Buffett.
Shahla Baker, QBE Travel Insurance. (Pictured below)
Shahla Baker
Robyn McKee, QBE Travel insurance. (Pictured below)
Robyn McKee
Ernst demonstrated his German efficiency as we were able to present them their certificates at the event.
As always the plates presented were abundantly covered with delicious food and I kept seeing plates collected with food still remaining. This was a great sign.
Brenda organised the raffle and she and David Reeves raided there goodies draws to provide a vast and varied array of gifts.
Marios donated Sydney Ground Transport Umbrellas and a ‘Scratch Lottery’ ticket.
The main prize was a 1 hour Harley Davidson Ride donated by David Reeves .
Russell, without us asking provided a week’s use of an Avis Car. (Sidenote: No Stuart it’s not a Lexus though you did not win the prize).
When the club’s part of the evening ended, our guests either went home or into the other part of the club to perform Karaoke. I waited to see what I was told would be ‘the star performance’ but Stuart was elsewhere in the club..
In closing if everyone had only half as much fun as I on the night, they still had a great time.
Bad news Brenda, you did such a fabulous job this year, you are now arranging next years.


David Reeves
Secretary (2014)
SKAL International Sydney South #649


Attendees list.
Mrs Joan Andrews, Beach Side Sydney Holidays
Mr Kevin Andrews, Beach Side Sydney Holidays
Mrs Wendy Anning and partner Mr Graham Anning
Mrs Shahla Baker, QBE Travel insurance  and Partner Mr Colin Baker
Ms Diane Byrne 
Mr Stuart Buffett, Alliance Insurance and partner Mrs Jane Buffett
Mr Russell Butler, Avis Australia 
Mrs Diane Butler, Tourism Ireland 
Mrs Brenda Cahill, The Travel Shoppe and partner Mr Tony Cahill
Ms Sue Francis, Travel Industry Club
Mr Clem Gordon  
Ms Jan Hastings  
Ms Verniece Irvine, Quest Apartments Mascot
Mr Tony Karanfilovski, TIFS and partner Mrs Dee Karanfilovski, TIFS 
Mr Ernst Krolke Airport Coordination Australia
Ms Annette Lane
Mrs Robyn McKee, QBE Travel insurance and partner Mr Graeme McKee
Mrs Maureen Maloy and partner Mr Paul Maloy  
Mr Gary Malyon   
Ms Judith Mannix  
Ms Joanne Parker  
Ms Robyn Prowse
Mr Paul Quinn and partner Mrs Rosa Quinn  
Mr David Reeves, With You in Travel Marketing / Ride The World Australia
A few pictures from the event.
2014 07 27 SKAL Chistmas in July 00

Tables set and ready to go.

2014 07 27 SKAL Chistmas in July 01

It’s called the Graphic Arts Club for a reason.

2014 07 27 SKAL Chistmas in July menu

The Menu. No one went hungry.

2014 07 27 SKAL Chistmas in July 03
2014 07 27 SKAL Chistmas in July 04
2014 07 27 SKAL Chistmas in July 05
2014 07 27 SKAL Chistmas in July 06
2014 07 27 SKAL Chistmas in July 07
2014 07 27 SKAL Chistmas in July 08
2014 07 27 SKAL Chistmas in July 09
2014 07 27 SKAL Chistmas in July 10
2014 07 27 SKAL Chistmas in July 12
2014 07 27 SKAL Chistmas in July 13
 We hope you will join us next year.