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Christmas in November 2014

Fellow SKALeagues of Sydney South and Friends,
The November meeting should have been on the first Wednesday of the month but President Marios decided to combine all the events into one.
About 72 attended being a mixture of Sydney Ground Transport clients, SKAL International Sydney South SKALeagues and Marios’s family.
It all started out traditional with Glühwein, two entrees each, mains a choice of steak or turkey and dessert of cake with brandy infused custard.

The evening commences traditionally.

The evening commences traditionally for all ages.

Suddenly we were transported to Greece with the sudden appearance of the bouzouki player.
President Marios and his lovely wife start the dance segment of the evening.
Now we start the dancing.

President Marios and his sons show us how its done.

Yet more lessons with a song by President Marios.

Finally everyone is up dancing to the infamous ‘Zorba the Greek’.

Well, if you weren’t there or left early, that was what you missed.

Until next time Kalí̱ nýchta kai Kalá Christoúgenna.